Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Breakfast Made Simple

Green Juice and Oatmeal 
I love to start my morning with fresh juice and a hearty bowl of oats. The juice wakes up my digestive track and saturates my body with a host of antioxidants and cancer fighting nutrients. Following, juice I have a bowl of oatmeal, which gets me through my daily 5 mile run. I enjoy simple and healthy meals this is one of my go to's. I've shared the recipes below:

Green Juice
4 small fuji apples
1 large Cucumber 
2-4 inches Ginger 

Hearty Sugar-Free Oatmeal
1 cup. Organic rolled oats
1/4 c. Raisins 
6 oz Applesauce (homemade/unsweetened container) 
1/4c. Fresh Organic Blueberries (for topping)
Nutmeg and Cinnamon to taste 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Restaurant Review: Pizzanista

I love boobies

 Set in the art district of Los Angeles, California, Pizzanista, is a laid back, cozy, and quaint venue. They offer a variety of creative pizza flavors designed to satisfy meat eaters, vegetarians, and vegans alike. The decor is simple wooden tables and bar stools, while their signature breast cancer support “I love boobies and pizza” shirts adorn the walls. They have a an awesome selection of beverages and customer service is quick and friendly. 

Vegan Pizza

After a short Pasadena visit my friend (shot out Scott) and I shared a vegan pizza and some garlic knots before we headed back to Norcal. The pizza was amazingly delicious. The thick doughy crust melted in my mouth as the homemade marinara captured a traditional Italian spice with each bite. The Daiya cheese evenly smothered the pie kicking it up two extra  knotches. It was soooo good. 

Scott and I (as soda)

We washed it down with soda pop. I had the bubble up, while Scott had the the Creme Soda. Yum!!! I had a great time here and will return upon my next SOCal visit. Check them out!