Monday, March 4, 2013

Pre-Workout Snack Quickie

Fruit and Nut Bowl 
Laces strapped, Ipod charged, playlist ready, gym bag's time to burn some calories. But don't forget your workout fuel leave the sugar filled gels, candies, and energy bars behind and create your own with a few staple ingredients. Using fresh and dried fruits you can create a GIANT size bowl of Energy. I call it my "Energy Snack Quickie" the berries provide the antioxidants with a hint of tangy sweetness. The flax seeds and walnuts offer an abundance of Omega 3 fatty acids, in addition to antioxidants and a host of vitamins and minerals ranging from B-6 to Folate.

This bowl of wellness tends to be a great option for folks on the go, why? because there is simply no measuring required, just throw in whatever berries you have in a bowl top with flax or chia seeds, add some nuts, and dried fruit and WA-LAH!!! Energy to-go. The beauty of this snack is that it offers a natural sweetness that will fuel your workout from beginning to end without the energy crash artificial sweeteners promise.  Hope you enjoy.

Pre-Workout "Energy Snack Quickie"

As much as you desire of each:
Flax/chia seeds

Friday, March 1, 2013

Restaurant Review: Real Food Daily

As you know, when I visit a place new I'm all about the vegan eats and treats. Before traveling to Pasadena, CA for a friends wedding I made of list potential vegan restaurants to try out. My number one pick was Real Food Daily.

"The Club" Sandwich"
After a satisfying hotel workout a group of us found ourselves hungry for Brunch. We quickly made our way to the patio of Real Food Daily where we splurged on an abundance of vegan breakfast and lunch food. 

Blueberry Pancake Stack

Although, the restaurant was cozy and well decorated inside the Pasadena sun called us outside. We ordered an array of food sharing it family style because it was all too delicious to keep to oneself. The service was quick, efficient, and friendly. Everything we ordered tasted fresh, well seasoned, and unique.

"Sausage Scramble"

When we arrived it took us some time to order because there were so many great options to choose from. We ordered desserts, fresh juices, teas, sodas, wraps, sandwiches, pancakes, and acai bowls. We ate to our stomachs content. Great food. Great people. Great time. 

"Grilled Veggie" Wrap 
Everyone agreed Real Food Daily was the best choice for brunch. It was a great way to begin our Pasadena  trip. 

Susie, Anjalee, Rob, Joy, and  Scott (behind the camera)