Friday, January 11, 2013

Restaruant Review: Souley Vegan

Vegan soul food sounds like an oxymoron to some but at restaurant Souley Vegan its a way of life. Here soul food is re-imagined and recreated from its infamous fatty, salty, and artery clogging history to a vibrant, healthy, and flavorful modern meal.

Nestled in the heart of Downtown Oakland, CA, Souley Vegan mirrors the restaurants of the south with its picnic style tables, chalkboard menu, and self serve water as family photos and Blues artist adorn the walls. An in-house DJ entertains a jam packed room full of hungry people from meat eaters to die hard vegans. This is a great place for large groups, an informal date, or family meal.

Nothing like Blues Greats for Wall Decor

I always order the everything plate which is a reasonable $20 and can be shared between two people. This plate offers all of my favorites: mac and cheese, bbq tofu, lentils, potato salad, yams, cornbread, tofu catfish, black eyed peas, and greens (for extra $5 I add fried okra and red beans and rice). After my meal I’m usually too stuffed for a dessert but they do offer various vegan treats that seem appetizing.

$20 Everything Plate

Add $5 fried okra and red beans and rice

During my last visit I brought two of my meat eating besties. One ordered a three item combo meal for about $10. It included the juicy bbq tofu, creamy mac and cheese, and the tender sweet yams. This meal went far above her expectations. 

Three item combo plate
If three items is too much, something smaller like the gumbo may do. The gumbo is a mryiad of well seasoned veggies atop steaming rice. The presentation is beautiful and will have you coming back for more. 

Vegan Gumbo

 My friends came in as non-believers and left knowing that vegan soul food is tasty and there is, in fact life after meat. A long, healthy, and active life that is.

 If your ever find yourself hungry in downtown Oakland with only $10 to spend check out Souley Vegan and report back on your experience. Souley Vegan is located at 301 Broadway Oakland, CA 94607.


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