Monday, July 29, 2013

Race #6: July 2013 Bad Bass 10K Race

Race #6 of the 12 Race Challenge began early Saturday July 27, 2013 at Lake Chabot in Castro Valley, CA. This race by far, proved more challenging then any other race I have ever completed.  Originally, I approached the race slightly snooty, believing that I could easily conquer a mere 6.2 miles.

Little did I know I should have trained and prepared for a hilly terrain as a opposed the flat terrain I am used to. The hills in Lake Chabot were more extreme than the hills I've ran in Atlanta or San Francisco. Although it was only a mere 6.2 miles (shorter than 13.1 I also do) the steep, rocky unpaved hills made jogging up difficult and going down dangerous. (I nearly tripped twice)

A major highlight of this race was the beautiful scenery of Lake Chabot- the combination of the still water, the clear sky, and the towering trees brought a sense of calm, peace, and serenity to the run. There were times I was literally beaming ear-to-ear in gratitude as I marched up the tall hills of Lake Chabot.

I completed the race with one mantra echoing in my head: "you're a gladiator, you can do this". I was right I did do it and I did it well.

I finished strong and I finished proud.

Time: 1:16

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