Sunday, November 17, 2013

Race #9 and #11: Fund4Bling Virtual Races

Race 9: September Super Runner Half Marathon

With 2014 looming over me I realized I was three races short of my 13 goal and I was now in desperate need of finding some inexpensive races with some cool race bling. I immediately began searching for local inexpensive races when it dawned on me why not do another virtual race. I completed my first virtual race in May and I made a real spectacle of it. I invited a few friends, had a water station set up, and I even got them to hold up signs and take pictures. I got a race bib, a super cute medal, I chose the day and time all for half the price of an average race.

I found many random sites that offered virtual races some with great prices but not so great bling, some with great bling and not so great prices. A virtual race is designed for runners to choose their own race distance and course. The race is usually to be completed with a 2-4 week window and medals are sent via mail. Some virtual races require participants to post their race bib and time on their websites while others do not. Participants run when and wherever chosen which provides flexibility for busy schedules (such as mine).

While searching for races, I ran across a site called which offers one or more themed races a month for varying distance of choice. A portion of proceeds fund national and international charities. Each themed race has a unique medal to match and they are sent in a timely manner via mail. I loved the site so much I decided to purchase three races with them. Race bibs are posted on their Facebook page and they can be easily printed from home.

The coordinator of, Sandra is also very professional and accommodating she responds quickly to messages and works hard to please her customers. Fund4Bling also offers a 13 in 2013 promotion which awards runners who sign up for thirteen of their races with a free custom 13 in 2013 medal. My favorite part about this organization besides the cool bling is that they offer birthday races with a custom birthday medal for each birthday month. YAY!!!

Race 11: November 15k Cat in the Hat Race

I ran laps around my neighborhood lake path which is a little over 3 miles a lap. My only motivation during this race was seeing the same people recognize me lapping the lake. I felt like an athlete each time I passed a familiar face. I completed my 15k at 1:54 and my half at 2:38.

I didn't meet my time goal but I am glad I completed the run. Although, I love the glitz and glam of big hosted races like the Divas Half Marathon and the Nike Women's Half Marathon with their race expos, water stations, cheering bystanders, and motivational signs. I also enjoy the solitude and simplicity of running alone and still receiving an award which is what virtual races provide.

I love my medal it s heavy, it spins, and the Cat in the Hat is super cute. I ran early in the morning just before the Cali sun came beaming out. The beautiful lake is my go to running course. It is flat just like my knees love, it is full of friendly runners, and there are a lot of great spots to pick up food after.
I am blessed with a beautiful running course right outside my door. I look forward to my next Fund4Bling virtual race in December which will mark race #13 of my 13 in 2013 Challenge. I am so excited. Stay tuned for October's race #10: Nike Women's Half Marathon. 

P.S Race #10 wasn't skipped it's my October Nike Half Marathon Race coming soon...Stay Tuned.