Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Product Review: Better Bean Co.

Like many vegans, a lot of my protein comes from beans, yet as we all know beans can be time consuming to prepare.  Achieving the perfect texture, flavor, and amount can sometimes be a challenge. Due to the fact that my cooking time for the week is often limited I am always looking for new recipes and ingredients to condense my meal prep time, while maintaining health and wholesomeness.

Better Bean Vegan Breakfast Burrito and Potatoes
For the past year, I have been living in bean heaven since I’ve discovered the Better Bean Company. They have over five different flavors all of which I love for different recipes. Tacos, burritos, 5-layer dips, sprout bowls, and sometimes just by itself (it’s that good). Last, September at the Vegetarian World Festival I had the pleasure of meeting co-owner of the Better Bean Company, Hannah. She was more than happy to share about her amazing, expanding company that is taking over a kitchen near you.

Better Bean Breakfast Burrito (non-vegan)

The Better Bean Company is a father daughter run business based out of Portland, Oregon. They are moving into their fourth year offering five bean varieties to fall in love with. Each variety on the shelf began as an in home favorite for Hannah and her sisters. As a family, they value both health and sustainability; the high sodium content and metallic taste of canned beans just wasn't their thing.

Better Bean and Rice Bowl
Hence, a bean awakening emerged in their household, sparking a new idea within Hannah's father to rethink beans and how they are shared to the masses. For many carnivores beans are often the filler food or side dish that receives little care or attention. Hannah shared how historically beans were deemed as the poor man's food. They were often overlooked by the wealthy. Yet, her father wanted to elevate the bean and reveal all of its flavorful nuances in hopes of making the bean just as sought after as fish, poultry, and meat. Together they realized there was a huge gap in the market for fresh, sustainable, ready to eat beans, thus they made it their mission to birth what we now know as the flavorful, non-gmo Better Bean Co. In addition, just as they rethought beans, they also rethought packaging by making their containers
100% compostable, BPA free, and microwave safe.

Better Bean Grilled Tofu Burrito

Hannah explains the impact Better Beans will have on you and your family:  “we make it easy and tasty for a family to eat meat free. I cannot tell you the number of people I have talked to at farmers markets and consumer events who express to me how hard it is for them to cook beans, but their doctor is telling them they need to eat more..."

Better Bean 5 Layer Dip

I personally, love these beans because they taste fresh, they are easy to prepare, they travel safely without spilling and they are full of flavor. I have gotten so many friends and family members hooked on them. I cannot remember the last time my fridge has been without them. Heck! I am eating them tonight in what I call a wellness bowl: beans, quinoa, avocado, kale, and sprouts. 

Better Bean Wellness Bowl

Get some Better Beans today at your local natural foods market and watch your meals improve, your protein increase, your prep time diminish and your taste buds jump for joy. Also, check them out online at:http://www.betterbeanco.com/

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