Monday, September 10, 2012

Corazon Juice Bar's: Liquid Love

The "heart" of San Francisco California, is in the Mission district where fresh squeezed juice and smoothies from Corazon juice bar call your name. This urban abode is just the place for a pick me up, liquid meal, juice cleanse, or end of the day rejuvenater  It is ran by a native San Franciscan family with a great a story to tell. The menu is creative and reasonably priced. The juice bar is trendy, well lit, and minimal.

Although, it appears small there is enough sitting for a party of 10  (trust me I counted because as soon as I left all I could think of was inviting all of my juicing friends over for a party). Their most popular drink currently is the Super Fresh which is a mix of: cucumber, mint, spinach, pineapple, and apple. This tasty juice is packed with antioxidants, iron, essential minerals, and a fresh kick. I also like the Rhyming Orange. (I haven't tried them all yet)

For many reasons Corazon's existence excites and inspires me.

 1. A juice bar in the Mission District. The Mission is known for many things and most of them are not positive. The mere presence of fresh juice uplifts the community. The enzymes from the juice allow the body to accept nutrients leaving us feeling satisfied and happier. Also, the aroma of fresh juice is so pleasant, young children may begin to ask why "Tampico" doesn't smell that way?

2. Owned by native San Franciscan's: I love seeing natives investing in their own community as opposed to relocating and taking their business dollars away from the cities and towns that nurtured, taught, and raised them. Corazon is contributing to their native city economically by keeping the dollars in the city. While also improving the communities health by offering fresh juices that are known to improve digestion, healing, wellness, and overall well being.

3. Owned by people of color: The people who are plagued most with diet/lifestyle related illnesses such as diabetes, heat disease, obesity and cancer are people of color. Yet, the majority of vegetarian and vegan restaurants/venues/advocates are not these people. I am elated to support any business of color that is promoting health and wellness to others especially if located in a community where people of color reside. Food justice is an epidemic in America. Without access to good quality foods or at least the option to it in my eyes it is a crime.

4. Benefits of juicing: A juice bar helps share the benefits of juicing with others. It plants a seed figuratively and literally into the body about growing into optimum health and wellness. It is a better alternative in both taste and benefit to other popular beverages such as soda, coffee, and energy drinks

"Super Fresh": Cucumber, mint leaves, spinach, pineapple, apple
Above is my "end of the day pick-me-up" after long day with students. As I walk to the juice bar I always see at least five others pouncing the Mission pavement with Corazon cups. What I love most is that these people come from every walk of life I see mothers, business men, students, and teachers like myself drinking the liquid love that comes from Corazon juice bar.

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