Thursday, September 27, 2012

Vegan in Atlanta Part 1: Truva Mediterranean Restaurant

As you know, I visited Atlanta, GA almost 2 weeks ago for a conference and race. Also, as you know I am vegan and Atlanta is known for its tasty Southern soul food which is often devoid of fresh vegetables and vegan options. Although, I always pack emergency food for my travels I wanted to explore the vegan options Atlanta offered. I stayed in downtown at the conferences host hotel I didn’t want too stray far from the location so my options were limited to the surrounding area.

I roamed the streets like a tourist taking pictures of everything in my Bay Area weather confused dress which was: long sleeved and above the knee. 

After passing over 8 restaurants that could barely meet the needs of a vegetarian. I came across a beautiful restaurant and named Truva. The menu had many vegetarian options and a few vegan options. I studies the menu for a good ten minutes outside before I decided to go in. I didn't want to walk in and walk right back out if I learned they had nothing I could eat.

Finally, I decided and ordered stuffed grape leaves and red lentil soup it also came with bread that I was assured hadn’t been prepared with dairy or eggs. I was in business.

My waitress was very kind and efficient. I would definitely visit again and the food was delicious and filling. (I tried to go back the next day for lunch but they’re only open for dinner).

Red Lentil Soup

Stuffed Grape Leaves

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