Monday, November 5, 2012

Life G.P.A

I want to thank everyone for their patience with me... I have an inbox full of messages, calls I have to return, a home I need to clean, a gym I need to attend, and a stack of assignments to complete. I chewed off a lot this year by deciding to return to school while balancing 2 jobs. Now, 2 ½ months into the first semester things are getting REAL.

At the end of a long week of studying for 3 days straight, flashcards, little sleep, and 2 jobs nothing feels better than to see an A on an exam. I live for the grade. When it’s all said and done the grade reaffirms that all of my hard work and sacrifice isn’t in vain. I find this need for a grade spilling over into my personal life. Now that I am back in school I find myself wanting an A-F grade for everything. How clean is my room? A-F, How neat is my handwriting? A-F, How is my outfit? A-F, How well do I kiss? A-F......Seems I always need to know the grade. Of course If it’s less than an A I’m hurt yet even more determined to earn one. I want a 4.0 in life (and a few AP courses wouldn’t hurt either).

I am a Capricorn, and we love to be productive, organized, and accomplished. Although, I am making A’s in my classes. The rest of my life report card is suffering:

School A+
Work A-
Gym B-
Returning Calls C
Returning Emails D
Cleaning House F-

My life G.P.A is not looking good. (Anybody want to calculate it?) Not, to mention I only posted one post last week which utterly hurts my heart. Whether I have a million followers or not this blog grounds me. In many ways it gives me balance and motivates me to continue on my own journey toward total health and wellness while inspiring others.

I believe goal setting is important and effective for success  yet  I can’t help but wonder if a grading scale is necessary for every aspect of my life. Is it healthy or unrealistic and ultimately detrimental to all of my efforts? What are your thoughts on it?

In the meantime, as I struggle/strive to make the grade I appreciate all of your patience, support, comments, emails, invites, and love. You are noticed and appreciated please check your inbox soon for a reply message from me.

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