Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Back to Basics

Since I was a little girl if ever I or one of my sisters fell ill we ran to our nana for advice. Although, we were all insured my nana's  wisdom proved far more valuable. As the oldest, I was the voice for us all, I read off our symptoms to nana and patiently we awaited a response (my mom eager to know the verdict as well). 

I carefully wrote down everything she advised.  Her timeless home remedies dated back to her years as the oldest child caring for her siblings. She explained her grandmothers mother did this and it always worked. My nanas instructions were meant to be followed to a tee and looking back at them now I realize how practical and basic they were. With a warm intensity she would advise: 

  • Upset stomach: drink a cap-ful of apple cider vinegar and chase it with a cup of water
  • Sore throat: gargle with salt water and spread vapor rub on your chest with a warm compress
  • Menstrual cramps: lay with a hot water bottle
  • Tough splinter: wrap foot in plastic with baking soda
  • Dry scalp treatment: coconut/olive oil mask and apple cider rinse

Remembering my nanas’ advice reminds me of the importance of going back to basics. Studies prove that the body can heal itself; free of prescriptions, elixirs, patches, syrups, and fad diets. With some TLC and a few household staples we can be as good as new. 

On the rare occasion I become sick I remind myself of my nana's remedies. I drink water, flush my system with veggies and fruits, and I get plenty of rest. Simple, basic yet effective. 

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