Friday, June 7, 2013

Product Review: Divine Raw Foods


Some think that becoming vegan means goodbye to all things sweet and tasty. Yet little do they know there is a new world of taste buds veganism will introduce you to. As I explored my way into the wonderful world of veganism I found myself driven to the familiar foods and tastes I had known as a vegetarian. You know those hard to forget foods like pizza, cookies, and pies. (If you couldn’t tell, I have a serious sweet tooth). I am an all or nothing kind of person. So, when I first decided to try veganism I didn’t take the slow, steady, and safe route. Instead, I went in head first. After completing a 10 day juice cleanse I decided I should go full on raw vegan. I ate all types of amazing, fresh, delicious, and creative foods. I watched videos, read books, took classes and found myself deeply immersed in this new lifestyle.

In addition, there was one man and his gourmet raw food company that made my transition from vegetarian to vegan a much smoother and easier process. His name is Chef Billy Page owner of Divine Raw Foods.

Page transitioned into a raw vegan lifestyle in 2004 after receiving numerous warning signs urging him to improve his health. He immediately recognized the benefit of a raw vegan lifestyle first hand and became compelled to share, teach, and inspire others about the benefits of raw veganism.

I first met Chef Billy at his humble table outside of my Spiritual/Healing Center, serving the most delicious pizza I’ve ever tasted in my life, and yes it was raw. This pizza was layered with raw pesto, fresh, and colorful vegetables all atop a thin chewy crust. It was so amazing. It also came with a fresh side salad with homemade dressing for only $5.  I was  instantly a believer. Raw inexpensive vegan food. I couldn’t ask for more. And what better way to teach and inspire folks, then through the stomach?

An aspect of Divine Raw Foods' mission is to “make healthy food available to the under-served community”.  The company adheres to this mission by making food economically accessible, volunteering at local community gardens, and hosting workshops. Chef Billy began experimenting with various raw vegan recipes and now has a variety of favorites that he sells at various locations throughout the East Bay.

Among my favorites are the fresh, colorful, and chewy pesto pizza.

 The delicately sweetened, melt in your mouth vanilla and/or raw cacao cookies.


The decadently rich and creamy Chocolate Coconut Pie

The well seasoned hunk of Neat-loaf.

I love me some raw food now. I cannot get enough. Although not 100% raw vegan, 80% of my diet is and having access to inexpensive, gourmet raw food is a treat. The flavors are so full and tantalizing I never even think about it being raw, instead I just think this is darn good. 

Even during the holidays, I celebrate healthy and raw. I order a Divine Raw holiday meal for two which includes two servings of an entree, a salad, another side and a dessert. Yum! 

Whether you are transitioning into raw veganism or just trying to incorporate more clean eating into your diet these divine meals will have you coming back for more. Check out Divine Raw Foods on facebook and wordpress at:

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