Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Race #7: Summer Breeze 10K

On Saturday August 3, 2013 at the San Leandro Marina I completed race #7 of The 13 in 2013 Challenge. It was a rushed morning. I worked late the previous night so waking up was hard to do. I started the morning with a green smoothie and a handful of blueberries.

Upon arriving I still had to get my shirt and bib. Just when I attached my bib the race gun shot-I quickly hustled to the start line almost a minute behind the crowd. I gradually gained my ground. It was smooth, flat terrain, a peaceful view of the marina, and the weather was perfect.

This was my second Brazen Racing Race in 2 weeks and I realized this organization has the most post-race junk food I've ever seen. It's Its, cake, cobbler, candy bars, danishes, chocolate, brownies, cookies, etc...It was like a dieters worse nightmare but trust me no one was complaining. Racers surrounded the food tables like a swarm of bees; each person reaching for their share from the smorgasbord of sweets. I opted for the fresh bananas, watermelon, and oranges. Oh were they good.

My medal was heavy, cute design, but I prefer medals that state the particular distance I did as opposed to the ones that state all the distances offered. No worries, I had a great time.

I completed the race at 1:06 which is about at 10:46 minute mile (I can do better). Next month is a half-marathon-ooooh!!! I am so excited.

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