Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lean, Mean, and Green in 2014 Fitness Challenge

Every year I create fitness goals for myself. Last year it was 13 races in 2013 which I thematically coined “13 in 2013”. This year is: “Lean, Mean, and Green in 2014”. I have set some pretty high goals for myself so high I am reluctant to share them. I was once told when you share your goals it encourages you to be more accountable so accountable I’ll be. in 2014 I have 4 goals:

  1. Complete 2 travel races (somewhere outside of California)
I want to explore other states and what better way to do it... while running. I currently have  my eyes set on Las Vegas and Oklahoma- (I know 2 totally different ends of the spectrum.)

  1. Volunteer at 6 races
After completing 13 races I realized the importance of volunteers at races and instantly became grateful for them. They do so much and without them races wouldn't run so smooth. Due to this fact, I want to give back to support races the same way they supported me.

  1. Complete a half marathon training plan
Sooooo, I hate to admit that I never created an actual training plan. Don’t get me wrong I  didn’t run completely untrained. I just never followed a plan. This year I really want to complete one to see how my performance improves.

  1. Compete in a bikini (bodybuilding style) competition
    My biggest and wildest fitness goal ever. I have always been a fan of lean yet curvy bodies. I don’t want to just be a fan and admire from the sidelines anymore I want to be apart of it. In effort to challenge myself and my body- I want  to say I tried it once. Typically this sport requires a lot of discipline, time, and money all of which I will need to find more of to make this dream a reality.

    Root for me yall all support is welcome!

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