Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Traveling Vegan in L.A

My girl, Francessca and I decided to visit Los Angeles, CA for our 3 day weekend off school. As teachers, it's advised to live up every break to the fullest in order to come back refreshed. I really wanted to try to some new vegan food and word on the street is L.A has some of the best vegan spots in Cali, so I was down for the journey. My home-girl on the other hand really wanted to show stop at a few parties- so we combined our two agendas and headed to L.A.

I recently converted my friend to veganism (she dabbled with it in the past), so she was down for some vegan food variety. Our first meal was at her favorite vegan spot Native Foods in West Wood the menu was extensive, the staff was super friendly, and it was an amazing day. 87 degrees in January who could ask for anything better.

 In our dresses, we curvy vegans ordered an appetizer, drinks, and one entree each. We sat outside, in the sun, and for a moment we truly considered relocating to L.A . Taking into account the good food, the cool people, the nice weather, the shopping, and the nightlife.

I was super reluctant to order at Native Foods which has a large selection of vegan comfort food. I feared my body would reject rich vegan junk food, which would be no bueno on vacay. So, I stuck with their Yo Amigo Taco Salad and a lavender lemonade which was amazing.

For our appetizzer we shared polenta bites and vegan super nachos. Between are drinks, the appetizers, and the meal we couldn't finish anything. SOoooo.... we took it all to go.

After a night of tearing up the dance floor our stomachs were grumbling. The next morning we went to Real Food Daily in Santa Monica. We were greeted by the dessert case which was mouthwatering. We nearly lost our minds looking at all the amazing desserts.

 Although, we were eyeing the dessert case our tummys wanted breakfast. We made our way to our seats and we both ordered The Weekender Platter. Which included pancakes, hash browns, cashew cheese, tempeh bacon, and a tofu scramble. Francessca ordered the same except with french toast and a bagel. Breakfast was ok. The RFD in Pasadena (I visited last year) was a little tastier with better ambiance but the service at the Santa Monica location was stellar.

Fran vegan buttering up
The Weekender with French Toast
Ready to eat
The Weekender with Pancakes

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