Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Restaurant Review: Donut Farm

Donut Farm is a a fairly new restaurant to the Bay. It began as a bakery distributing whole sale vegan donuts to small and large companies. In the past 2 years they opened their doors to the public for weekend brunch. The restaurant resembles a small hole in the wall, hipster, mom and pop joint with 7 cafeteria style tables and an old school waitress counter. The menu offers classic American breakfast vegan style with a hipster twist.

During my Birthday week I decided to celebrate it by visiting all of my favorite vegan friendly restaurants each day, each restaurant with a different friend. I chose to spend Sunday Brunch with my long time friend Jay at Donut Farm in Temescal. Prior to this visit I had visited Donut Farm two other times before. The first time I was extremely impressed the food was amazing, the service great, the price was right, and the company was awesome too. However, the second time around I was sorely disappointed the only thing that remained consistent from the previous time was the awesome company. The food was mediocre, the price was outrageous, and service iffy. So, upon arriving for my Birthday Brunch I had zero expectations; to prevent any post-experience let down.

Jay and I are both health conscious, very particular, and in some ways food snobs. We love great ambiance, attentive and personable service, cleanliness, and most of all fresh and tasty food. Initially, Jay was overwhelmed with the wealth of options on the menu until he finally decided on the fruit and granola bowl and a breakfast burrito. I got the tofu scramble with toast and hash browns; along with a mug of Spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate (which was soooo delicious). I enjoyed my meal. It tasted very fresh, it was well portioned, and well seasoned. The service was ok, and the price was decent. Yet, on the other hand Jay wasn't so impressed with his burrito. He said it lacked flavor and creativity thus, his hungry tummy only ate half of the uninspiring burrito. We shared the granola bowl. It came with almond milk, granola, and bananas it was super simple and tasted good. 

 A major highlight of Donut Farm, are Pepples donuts. They have vegan cake donuts and vegan yeast donuts. The cake donuts come in over a dozen of flavors from Matcha Green Tea to Cinnamon Sugar. My favorites are the glazed yeast donuts. After our meal I got a couple cake donuts for my friends and a glazed for myself. They are amazing. They melt in your mouth and will make any woman forget they were watching their weight. I totally forgot to take pics so sorry, I only got a pic of the box which pays no justice to the how awesome the donuts are. Overall, it was a good experience. Jay was glad to try something new and I was glad to get my last free Birthday Meal haha!!! LOL

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