Monday, May 13, 2013

Race #2: April 2013 Running of the Elk, Half Marathon

Based in Elk Grove, CA this race was very well organized and supported children with learning disabilities. Runners were encouraged to wear Elk Antlers in support of the theme "running of the Elk" and to represent city pride.

This race had a nice course a lot of wide roads to support walkers/joggers/runners and many nature highlights. While running I met a 2:30 pace group hosted by the Running Zone shoe store. My actual goal time for this race was 2:33 (2 minutes less than my last race time) I decided to stick with the pace group until the end to make my goal a reality. At mile 5 we had a large group of 20 men and women yet, by mile 9 we were a small group of 5 women. 

I began to struggle at mile 12. Being that I went to this race alone without friends or family the lack of visual support got to my head. As I neared the end I realized there will be no one to meet me at the finish line, take my picture, drive me home and listen to my race stories. I get a little glum which isn't the best mood for a runner on their last mile. I gradually got over the mile 12 hump by visualizing a warm bath and relaxing with my new medal. I pushed through, shaving off not only 2 minutes but 5 minutes from previous race time. Yay! me.

My time: 2 hours and 30 minutes

I try to reward myself after each race. Rewards can be great motivators, super relaxing, and the extra push needed to get past the mile 12 hump. My go-to rewards always include some form of pampering, shouldn't it be required after running 13 miles? I love massages, facials, and manicure/pedicures. I know these treats don't come cheap. Enlisting a friend or family member should cut down the cost or search for online deals on groupon and livingsocial to reward your efforts.

I have yet, to reward myself for this race- I was in a rush to an event directly after. so IOME. Can hardly wait.

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