Monday, May 20, 2013

Race #3: May 2013 Divas Marathon Series

Posing like a Diva
My most anticipated race ever. I had heard so many good things about the Diva’s Half Marathon I had to do it as apart of my “12 Race Challenge”. This is a race for SUPER girly-girls who aren't afraid to sweat. Most races hand you a medal and some water at the end. This race, hands you a Princess Tiara, a pink feather boa, a red rose, champagne in a flute, and your Medal is put on you by a handsome shirtless firefighter. And of course you get water and post-race snack food.

Me Posing w/ race bib

I just completed this race a couple of weeks ago. I got a hotel a few blocks from the start/finish line which made commuting easier. Packet Pick-up included a Health and Fitness Expo which was extremely crowded. I was hoping to get a new shirt from Black Girls Run, but they were out of product. Although, many vendors had some cute things nothing truly caught my eye. So, I left with my packet and a mini-container of chafe balm.
Pre-Race Carb load dinner

Although, I like nice things I am also conscious of being money wise, so being that I spent money on a hotel I knew I could at least make my own carb load meals for the trip. I packed Oatmeal and raisins for breakfast, bananas and a pro bar for snack, fresh beet, kale, apple juice for lunch,  a heaping portion of pasta with pasta sauce filled with veggies, and a large portion of garlic bread for dinner, and a cookie for dessert. (I was so stuffed I never got to the cookie). After dinner, I did a light 30 minute exercise in the hotel gym (I love hotel gyms).

6:20 am- Leaving for race

Later, I laid out my gear, soaked my feet and gave myself an at home mani/pedi and face mask, while watching the Food Network. I drank 10 cups of water and 4 cups of coconut water throughout the day (for electrolytes). I was so excited for this race and was somehow under the impression it would be full of fun Diva activities-so I was prepared to stray my usual goal of cutting 2 minutes from previous race time (which was 2:30).

I awoke on time ready to conquer 13.1 miles, I left the hotel in my first semi-costumed race outfit: black tutu, pink race shirt, water belt, ribbon and bow in hair, mascara and bright pink lipstick (1st time I've ever worn makeup to a race-but hey it was a race for Divas :).
Brittany and I post race (She made this cute sign)

Costume and make-up. I was ready. Outside so were other runners, thousands of women flooded Burlingame streets headed to the race in pink tutus, Super Woman Capes, crowns, tiaras, running skirts, multi-colored socks and arm warmers. I was dressed down compared to these ladies. The race began at at 7:01 am. I was expecting race attractions as my excuse to slow down and take pictures but there were none, by mile 4 I realized I’d have to stick to my goal of improving my 2 minutes from previous race. My goal time was 2:28. The course was very narrow and sometimes dangerous many women stopped and walked leaving little space for runners to pass safely. The pavement was also very uneven at points, which was hard on my feet, and knees. Running group Black Girls Run were representing in mass numbers and each time I seen them I got a dose of motivation to keep going.
Handsome, shirtless, firefighters hand us our  medals 

At the infamous mile 12 I became weak, my legs were cramping, my stomach hurt- I was struggling. Close to the end, I spotted my friend Brittany holding a sign that read: “You can do it Diva Anjalee” I felt so much better. It was just the extra push I needed to get to the finish line. At mile 13 people passed out feather boas and tiaras in  just few more steps I’d be at the finish line. My legs began to lock, I could hear Brittany yelling “you can do it woooo”, my inner voice telling me to keep going, my legs saying “we are going to fall off”, and then I seen the time clock: 2:27:53. I ran as fast as I could with only 7 seconds to make my goal time I ran and counted with the clock- with my hands up in the air I completed- 13.1 miles at 2:28. I made my way to the handsome shirtless firefighters who put my medal on for me. I got a rose, took more pictures, a bagel, some champagne and it was over. I did it. I returned to my hotel for some rest and continued to wear my tiara and medal for the rest of the day. It was awesome being among so many fit, supportive, and girly-girl women. It was fun and cute race. I can't wait until next years.

My time: 2:28

Race Bling-Super heavy medal- I love it! 

Post race awards: Roses, medal, feather boa,  tiara 


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    1. Thank you for your comment and for taking the time to post. I appreciate the love. :) Good luck on your running journey.

  2. I love this, thanks for sharing your experience, I'm running the 5k in San Francisco on my actual birthday and I am so excited!!!