Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Silent Intimacy of Farmers Markets

Fresh Basil and My Mom

Greens  Galore

So many Options

The big hole we left after our purchase 

Fresh Garlic Yumm!!!
At the Downtown Farmers Market with my mom. Oh! how I love greens...I was practicing how I'd walk down the aisle with them. Here comes the bride....; )

 There is a silent intimacy about farmers markets, for they allow us to connect with our food in a way that this modern 21st Century society is slowly taking away from us with the various options of convenience.

 Farmer markets as many know, is a great way to support local organic farmers and as consumners we are able to see where and from whom our food comes from. They aid in building community with both farmers and folks in our neighborhood. They also help unveil the true nature of food which is often lost in processing, packaging, canning, and freezing.

Visiting farmers markets is a very humanizing and personal experience for me. Here, I am able to meet the person handling my food, I know the farm it came from, I meet wonderful people there, and I go home with fresh organic produce that sustains me.

Farmers Markets = Great deals.Great people. Great food.

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