Monday, August 27, 2012

Part 1: I THINK I Can

Through my own health journey I have gathered many role models to support me toward success such as raw vegan Annette Larkins, raw vegan business mogul and former model Karyn Calabrese, raw vegan fitness model Koya Webb and bodybuilder Ernestine Shepherd. These women mean so much to me they have propelled me even further on my path toward health.  

Part 1

 The Black Girls Run Conference and Race is the event of the year for me. With my busy work schedule and little time for travel I rarely get the chance to go anywhere. I recently subscribed to Black Girls Run newsletter a few months ago as a source of motivation and inspiration to continue with my running in the midst of my busy life.

Early this month I received their newsletter which showcased a Conference and 5k/10k Race they'd be hosting in the coming month. I was excited to see how they had grown from a blog to a big event planning extraordinaire.

Annette Larkins

As I scroll down and  continue to read the newsletter, my favorite picture of Ernestine Shepherd is there, she is listed as one of BGR's guest speakers. My heart flutters as I imagine the chance to meet one of my role models should I attend. I then begin to think of the money it would cost, trying to get the time off from work and soon I the idea of attending appears unfeasible.

Ernestine Shepherd

They say curiosity killed the cat, well I "meowed" on further into the newsletter hoping to see what attendees would experience at the conference I couldn't attend. The more I read the more I became excited. I read the conference topics and the weekend itinerary. The more I read the more I seen my name spelled out. This was an event made especially for me- how could I not go? 

As I read the names of the speakers quickly, I said aloud to myself: if Koya Webb were one of the speakers I have to go hands down. I continue to scroll down the list of speakers and there it was, Koya Webbs name. Two of my role models in one weekend. WOW!!!

My first reaction was fear and excitement, fear of not having enough money or time to go, yet excitement because I knew this conference was made for me.  Hesitantly, I began looking on every travel site for hotel and flight deals. The next thing I did was truly divine.

Karyns Calabrese
I am a more than occasional meditator and I am true believer that our thoughts create our reality. I knew as long as I allowed fear to exist within my desire to go this conference the less likely I'd go. I would talk my way into believing I couldn't afford it or that my job wouldn't give me the time off. I would allow these thoughts to take over and I wouldn't even attempt to try to go.

So, I decided fear would not make decisions for me.

I found a quiet place to sit in my small apartment. I closed my eyes and visualized myself getting the time off to go, I seen money appear for my trip,  I seen myself packing my bags, buying my flight, getting on the plane and landing. I heard my self talk to the taxi driver and doorman of the hotel. I seen the room I stayed in-I felt the plushness of the pillows- I opened the curtains wide and took in the beautiful view of the city. I seen myself mingling with other women who value health and fitness. I watched new friendships form. I felt alive, humbled, overjoyed, and grateful for the experience. I seen myself return home refreshed, renewed and full of new ideas to improve my own health and fitness. I seen myself happy, at peace, and worthy of all things wonderful.

I awoke from this visualization with watery eyes, tears of joy for I knew I had to make this trip happen for me. After 2.5 years of teaching full-time and working another part-time job I had little energy, time, and money to do anything. I hadn't traveled, I was often tired, I had gained weight, and I wasn't operating from my highest self.

Koya Webb
That day I went to work to see if I could get the day off, ironically no one else had requested those days off.  I got the time off. Next, I went home to order my flight and hotel and I found a great deal. I told a few friends and family about my desire to attend the conference and a few of them insisted on donating some funds toward my trip.

I am EXCITED to say: I AM GOING to the Black Girls Run Conference and Race and I am glad that I did not let fear push me away from an experience that I know will fulfill me.

These events are a true testament that when you follow your heart all else will follow. Martin Luther King Jr. said if you can see, conceive, and believe it you can achieve it. 

Stay Tuned for Part 2: I Achieved It: BGR Conference and Race Weekend

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