Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Vegan Supplements and Vitamins

On a daily I wash my system with green juices, green leafy veggies, wheat grass, and several servings of fruit and veggies along with complete vegan proteins and healthy fats. So, if you ask me I think my diet supplies me with ALLLLL of the nutrients I need. However, I do know there are a few things that could be supplemented to ensure this to be fact. 

      Below are the supplements I take along with the benefits they provide. I always buy them vegan and if I ever question their integrity I read the back for clue words to reveal otherwise. Clue words to look out for: gelatin, milk, eggs, fish, shellfish.....etc...(sounds odd but these items can sometimes be in your capsules) 

B12:  Is needed for formation of blood cells, it prevents anemia, aids in DNA synthesis, and it helps break down fats and proteins.

Calcium-Magnesium: This double threat supplement helps balance each other in the body. The individual benefits are sustained by the other supplements support to absorb properly in the body. Calcium: builds and maintains bones and teeth, regulates heartbeat, sleep patterns, and nutrient passage. Magnesium: is a mineral that regulates normal heart rhythm, converts blood sugar into energy, and metabolizes calcium properly.

Probiotics: Known as “friendly bacteria” helps to restore symbiosis (balance) between the harmful bacteria and good bacteria in the stomach. It supports the immune system and protects against yeast build up in the body.

Digestive enzymes: This is absolutely necessary if you eat cooked food which is enzyme-less. These supplements properly digest all foods breaking the nutrients down into a form that can pass through the intestine wall and into the bloodstream.

D3: Protects from cancer, enhances immune function by fighting off infectious diseases, and improves cardiovascular health. 

Daily Multivitamin: just to be sure : )

In addition, to these I also add supplements to my smoothies. These include:

Chia seeds: High in fiber and Omega-3 fatty acids 

Maca Powder: Peruvian root that helps balance hormones and caffeine free energy 

Aloe Vera Juice: Supports digestion, relieves aches and pains 

Vega Protein powder: 15g non-dairy protein 

Chlorophyll (add to water): Gives oxygen to cells, supports immune function, contains magnesium

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