Saturday, August 4, 2012

Myth Buster: Vegan Vs. Curves

Just when I thought I’d heard all the myths of being a vegan or a raw vegan at that- a new myth was presented to me last week.

While many of us vegans encounter the infamous question: Where do you get your protein? along with the: Is that healthy? Are you getting enough nutrients? You can’t possibly have a lot of energy- (I never know if this one is a question or a statement).

All of these are often backed by myths and latent false information. The raw truth is vegans get more than enough protein from green leafy veggies, beans, nuts, and seeds. In addition, the nutrients from fruit and veggies are so dense that our bodies consistently feel satisfied, healthy, and clean. Also, we tend have extreme amounts of energy because the body isn’t spending its time digesting heavy foods. 
With that said, the one question I have never been asked before happened just last week on an overcast morning in the produce section of the health food store.

There I was with a cart full of fresh fruits and veggies, humming and singing as I do in my own world.  I was stopped by a woman who asked me: “how do plan to maintain those curves with all that rabbit food?”  I paused looked behind and around me, just to be sure she was talking to me. There was no one else around and surely enough she was talking to me.

So....I began searching through my brains rolodex of frequent responses to frequently asked questions......hmmmm...... only to come up blank.

I replied by saying: Well, I have been a vegetarian for almost a decade and I just recently became Vegan. I feel healthy, energetic, and dis-ease free. I slimmed out some but it was the part of me that was no longer serving me it was weighing me down and some of it was just pure waste. Sorry, if that’s T.M.I. (I realize I didn’t directly answer her question)

Yet, I also came to realize that food is a very intimate and sometimes sacred thing for people- it’s attached to memory, emotions, tradition, culture and even body image.

When we think of athletes or bodybuilders we initially think of the various amounts of meat protein, eggs, and carbs they must intake to maintain their physique. Yet, with my own eyes I have seen many great athletes and bodybuilders who eat solely fruits and veggies. For instance: Robert Cheeke, Koya Webb, and Tim Van Orden just to name a few.

Similarly, there are many curvaceous vegan/raw vegans out there. The vegan/raw vegan lifestyle is not meant to deprive us rather it is an avenue that supports the bodies journey toward optimum health; and with optimum health we are that much closer to reaching our full potential in life. From my own experience I've noticed my energy has freed up, I feel more nourished, satisfied, and I appreciate everything in my life more. The people around me, nature, animals, and even my jobs.

Overall, I am ok losing a few extra pounds in exchange for my health. Besides, I would rather attract people with my glow, my positivity, and boundless energy rather than my curves.

Just to keep you in the loop...

The conversation in the grocery store ended like this:

She responded: I just don’t see how a person could stay curvy eating all those veggies I need some meat and bread or something. I have to look good.

I asked her: Which foods do you think would be best support your life? Fresh foods or dead processed foods?

She paused and said: The fresh foods of course. They always make me feel good at least.

We exchanged information and parted ways both saying: and if you feel good, you’ll look good.

A Vegan w/ Curves- Yes It's all Fruit and Veggies

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