Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Make Acheiving Fun!!! Goal Setting with Rewards


Studies show that people who set goals with an incentive attached are more likely to accomplish the goal, than those without an incentive. For instance athletes look forward to shiny trophy's and bronze medals just as much as models love free merchandise after their shoots.

Incentives can take on many forms but say you could create your own incentive in an effort to propel you further in accomplishing your goals. This is what I do often to keep myself on the right track. I give myself rewards for accomplishing fitness, career, lifestyle, and weight-loss goals. Below are the steps I follow to make goal setting fun and rewarding.

1.     Create a list of goals (that will take at least a week to accomplish)

2.      Develop a budget for how much your willing to reward yourself as each goal is accomplished.

3.      List as many rewards as you did goals.

4.     Match the goals with the corresponding reward in greatness and importance. i.e smaller goals=smaller rewards and larger goals=larger rewards. Below is my own personal example in steps:

Step 1: Healthy Lifestyle Goals
1.     Drink 9 cups water daily
2.     Take all vitamins daily
3.     Get to bed by 11pm
4.     Exercise 6 days a week
5.     Do 100 ab crunches daily
6.     Do 50 push ups daily
7.     10 minutes of morning meditation
8.     Try one new exercise
9.     Stretch before and after exercise
10.  Jog an 8 minute mile

Step 2: Under $15 for each reward
Step 3: Rewards under $15


Step 3: Rewards under $15

1.      OPI nail polish
2.     Magazine subscription
3.     Candle
4.     Manicure/Pedicure
5.     Logo running t-shirt
6.     Running Socks
7.     CD or DVD
8.     Flowers
9.     Book
10.  Alba or Burts Bees lip gloss

Step 4: Healthy Lifestyle Goals and Rewards
(I reordered the ones I know maybe harder to implement due to my schedule or fitness level)

GoalRewardDate Accomplished
Drink 9 cups water daily
Flowers $10
Take all vitamins daily
Book $15
Get to bed by 11pm
Candle $15
Exercise 6 days a week
Manicure/Pedicure $15+
Try one new exercise
Magazine subscription $15
Do 100 ab crunches daily
CD or DVD $15
Do 50 push ups daily
OPI Nail Polish $9
Stretch before and after exercise
Running Socks $10
10 minutes of morning meditation
Alba /Burts Bees lip gloss $8
Jog an 8 minute mile
Logo running t-shirt $15+

Another example below is when I’m doing weight loss goals with a larger budget. Key thing to remember NEVER reward yourself with food.

Weight-loss Goals and Rewards

Starting Weight: 138lbs Goal: 124lbs
Rewards for every 2 lbs lost
GoalRewardDate Accomplished
Roses $20
134lbsSpa Manicure/Pedicure $45
Carols Daughter Body Products $70
Race Medal Holder $40
Running Charm Necklace $50
Shopping Spree $450
Spa Day $400

    Goal setting is an integral part of success. Truth is we are going to spend money in life why not spend it on ourselves sometimes. My idea of rewarding myself so frequently never stemmed from vanity or greed rather from the fact that I rarely bought myself anything besides the BARE necessities; and I rarely gave myself a pat on the back for all I had accomplished.

Creating an actual structured list encouraged me to be accountable for thanking myself. It allowed me to take a breath, and acknowledge my achievements. In the beginning, I was so bad about doing things for self my list of goals included: take a bath once a week, do nothing for thirty minutes, and wait 24 hours before returning calls.

    I learned through this process that by not taking the time to acknowledge my accomplishments downplayed all my hard work. Even in my professional life I'd accomplish one thing and without acknowledging it I was on to the next project. I am now committed to wellness in all aspects of my life and goal setting and rewarding is just another way I make wellness a priority.

How do you reward yourself for your accomplishments? 


  1. I like what you are doing and what you are saying. I'm going to reward myself too! I'll be looking to see what you have to say about raw foods.

    1. Hi Billy, I have some raw food posts coming soon. I'll keep you updated. Thanks for the support.