Friday, October 19, 2012

The Terrace Room: Vegan Sunday Brunch

Nestled between downtown Oakland and the perimeter of Oakland’s Lake Merritt is the Lake Merritt Hotel which houses the Terrace Room Restaurant. This restaurant is known for hosting weddings, extravagant parties, holiday dinners, and my favorite Sunday Brunch. What I love most is the grand view of the Lake Merritt, bottomless Mimosas, and their new vegan brunch option.

The Terrace Room believes they are an upscale restaurant and I don’t mind pretending they are too, because the service is consistent and unpretentious. White tablecloths, silver cutlery, curtains, and a carpet that reveals how historical this place is - adds to the fine touches of this Oakland treasure. Here is where I bring the people I care for most.

My usual order was an Earl Grey tea with cream and sugar followed by pancakes topped with blueberries. After becoming vegan I frequented this place less for other places that offered a larger variety of vegan options. Yet, just last weekend a friend suggested this place and I agreed under the impression I 'd just order fruit as a social sacrifice.

Once we arrived I noticed the menu changed- still many great options for meat eaters and vegetarians- and YAY!!! one option for vegans: Vegan Tofu Scramble (with fruit on the side). I ordered it with fresh squeezed orange juice and everything was so delicious. 

I was full, satisfied, and I felt even better about this option over my usual pancakes and blueberries.The Terrace Room will again be among my top picks for  Sunday Brunch. 

Give them a try and come back share all about your experience. Happy Eating!!!

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