Friday, October 12, 2012

The Wholesome Simplicity of Shangri-la Vegan


I strive for simplicity in my life with the exception of my 500 book collection, 2 dozen pairs of jeans, and a collection of magazines I just can’t seem to part with. Remember, I merely said I STRIVE for simplicity I am not quite there yet. However, there is one place that provides me with all the simplicity I need in a meal.

This is my favorite place to lift my fork and sip tea. There is nothing extraordinary about the decor just chairs, tables, and a set menu written on a chalk board it is very humble, simple, and divine.

The servers/cooks are very warm, genuine, and friendly.  It is ran and owned by a Tibetan man whose vision directly inspires the wholesome simplicity of each daily menu. If I could, I would eat here everyday and actually there was once a time when I did. Now, I aim for at least once a month and twice if I’m lucky. 

Shangri-la is unlike any other restaurant, they are so confident in their food they provide a set menu daily. One for lunch and one for dinner. These meals have three different variations: Simple plate without seasoning or oils, Moderate plate which can feed an average person with a good appetite and Full which can be shared between two people or someone who hasn’t eaten in months. The prices vary for each variation. Initially, I thought it was too pricey yet, as I learned more about health and wellness I realize this place is perfect as it is. 

In addition, for all us of vegetarians and vegans out there another great aspect of this place is that the moderate plate supplies us with complex protein, complex carbs, and 3 servings of vegetables. It’s a complete balanced meal and they do it so effortlessly.

Finally, to wash it down their mild tasting tea is pleasant and self serve. Oh! and their vegan desserts are delicious (trust me I've tried them all). So, do give them a try folks and come back to share your thoughts. Happy Eating!!!

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